The following values shape my teaching and my dance making: 1.) affirming the potential to lead in each individual, 2.) facilitating creative exploration and artistic discovery, 3.) contextualizing the world of contemporary dancemaking and 4.) validating dance as a creative practice that produces knowledge.

My ultimate goal as a teacher and dance professional is to instill in students and audiences that their bodies, minds and experiences are sources of power, ability, creativity and intelligence.  Dancing as a practice and as a process requires rigorous principles and a commitment to navigate ever-shifting relationships of ideas in the body, in the dancemaking process, and in the ideas that contextualize cultures of dancemaking.  Dancers must first learn to trust their own intrinsic wisdom, knowledge and creative instincts. This trust grounds a plethora of creative practices that enable them to forge flexible pathways between ideas and experiences, and develop their full potential.  

For almost 30 years I have been training, challenging, and making art from dance movement and creative performance as a professional performer and choreographer. In my dance technique classes I introduce practices that enhance perspectives about the definition of the dancing body. In my technique classes “the body” is seen as a set of imaginary relationships between physical locations, initiations, directions, intentions and spatial organizations within a self or between people. The performer is challenged to think while dancing, to use the body in space as an extension of thinking, and to tap that thinking body as a creative source.